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Care Services

Active Friendly Care Respite Care Services

Our respite services will provide short-term care and supervision consistent with the health needs of the person to supplement care to provide a safe living environment and or to support or relieve caregivers for the benefit of the person. This service will be provided in the member’s home, the member’s community, the home of the direct service staff, a licensed group home or developmental home under certain circumstance with the approval of division district program manager.


Active Friendly Care Habilitation

Upon referral from the Division, we will review the referral and decide whether we will be able to meet the client’s needs. We will then obtain a copy of the client’s ISP. Our agency will contact the support coordinator assigned to their referral. Agency will then perform pre-services orientation with the DCW. Client will be assisted in ambulating, brushing teeth, transfers, eating, etc. We help the client to be independent by learning and improving skills and functioning of their daily leaving. This service can take place at client’s home or in our state-of-the-art facility.

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Active Friendly Care Attendant Care

QVA will provide a variety of interventions designed to maximize the functioning levels of consumers. Services may include but not limited to habilitative therapies, special development skills, behavioral intervention, and sensory motor development. We will provide the services at the home of the consumer and assist/aid them with daily duties. We are committed to building long-term relationship with everyone involved and encourage family members to take an active role in the care of their loved ones.

24/7 Special

Active Friendly Care Assisting with finding a new DTA & VOC services

Many of the people served went to DTA’s that were run by CPES. Active Friendly Care will assist the team in securing another DTA that will provide the perfect program for the person served in the following ways

Active Friendly Care will provide transportation for visits to local DTA’s so the person supported can visit and see if it is a good fit

Active Friendly Care will assist the team by researching local DTA’s and the service they provide to meet the needs of the person supported

Active Friendly Care will work with the DTA by providing good practices for the person supported that are utilized within the group home. A “What works for me!” outline will be presented to help both HAB and DTA services work in perfect harmony

Active Friendly Care will provide VOC services by staffing a job coach to work with our people served. We want to offer the opportunity to each person served requesting VOC services to work with in an environment with the least amount of restriction while meeting DDD guidelines