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Transportation Person Centered

In addition to the group home having a vehicle, AFC has the ability to provide insurance for staff’s preapproved vehicles to assist with transport. These vehicles will be inspected and require full coverage.

All transportation needs will be met. If we have three people being served in the same home needing to go somewhere in the same day, we will provide the transportation needs for each person.

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Development Committee

Active Friendly Care is committed to developing a new level of care. We want to provide services that stand apart from other agencies. As we develop our new company, the CEO’s and director will be putting together a development committee. This committee will meet quarterly to discuss the direction and path the company is taking

In order to achieve excellence, we need to have all the valuable and experienced input from all the people involved in the care of your loved ones. We want to invest in our success as a company with great feedback, input and experience only people outside of the business aspect of direct can offer.

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Open Door Policy

The company will have an open-door policy. All staff, family, state employees and the community will have access to the director to address concerns. A team will be assigned to address concerns and make sure that the member’s needs are being met. There will never be a single point of failure within our structure.

Each incident reported will be documented from beginning to end. Active Friendly Care’s value of Accountability will be in place in addressing all concerns.

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